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We have migrated to an almost "All-Inclusive" membership for training.


As a paid member of a team, you will have a membership at The Factory that allows you to attend almost all of our training classes M-F.  These classes include:

30 Min. Skills Classes:

          • Shooting Form
          • Handles
          • Off-Hand Development
          • Finishing School
          • Advanced Shooting
          • Pivot Foot
          • Dimes (Passing)
          • Down Hill
          • Space (creating space between you and your defender)
          • Vertical Leap Class
          • Speed Class

and these 60 min. classes

          • 60 Min Skills & Shooting
          • Full Court
          • Pre-hab Strength


As a Paid Member, you also receive 1/2 Off Splash Class and Shooters Club, and $5 off The Gun 

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Please see the FactoryMI.com calendar below for all days and times of these classes and many more.

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